Mr. & Mrs. Carlton McFall Jr. (Ronnika Ann)



Meet the McFalls

Ronnika Ann McFall, BRIDE

Occupation: Founder & Senior PR Director at iGN Public Relations & Co.


Carlton McFall Jr., GROOM

Occupation: E-Commerce Marketing Manager at Aleria Healthcare Company

Wedding Bells


McFall Ever After, a Southern Fairy Tale Romance


Rose Gold, Champagne, Ivory and Navy Blue


Outside Garden in Dunwoody, Georgia


Justin Grier


Shirley McFall


Sterling Brides; Will Sterling & 2nd Nature; Shawn Hughes


IBee Events


Where did you two take your honeymoon?

Cancun, Mexico

From the Bride and Groom’s own perspective, please walk us through how you two met.

Although Carlton and Ronnika grew up differently; Carlton from the busy city of Atlanta, Ronnika from the small town of Biloxi; the two were destined to meet because of their similarities. In May of 2013, After working at a local newspaper in Atlanta, Ronnika was laid off and forced into unemployment. Not willing to settle lightly she began another job in Corporate America, where Carlton, a tenure employee, would become her teammate and trainer. Carlton was considered the top consultant in the department and was immediately assigned to train and equip Ronnika with everything she needed to succeed in her position. Later on that year, and months into the friendship, Ronnika and Carlton began to see each other outside of the office and Carlton began to enjoy Ronnika’s company on a more personal level; but couldn’t tell her because he was afraid he would lose her trust. During multiple conversations with Ronnika, Carlton would describe a girl that he had a crush on but was too shy to tell her. Ronnika, naive to the fact that it could be her, encouraged Carlton to express himself to the girl and to step up before she got away. In January of 2014, Carlton finally confessed to Ronnika that she was the girl he had been referring to all this time. Shocked Ronnika quickly left the office, not sure how to respond.

So how did your wedding day go?

Since I planned my own wedding the morning off was a bit in tense. It wasn’t until I got Carlton’s love note that the big switch happened. I was reminded about 30 mins before I walked down the aisle the reason why this day was happening. So I had to stop thinking about things being perfect and enjoy the moment. My wedding day simply perfect. From the decor, coordination, music, ceremony participants and my guests; everything and everyone was perfect. It was a dream come true. I truly felt like Cinderella. I was in a REAL fairy tale.  

Name one thing you’ve learned about your spouse since your wedding day.

One thing I’ve learned about Carlton. Hmmm…this is hard because we are best friends. But I can say I’ve learned more about how he handles finances. I see how prepared he is for our future. I’m so thankful and I’m so blessed to have a husband I can learn from.

Favorite Wedding Day detail?

I loved my wedding colors and my bridesmaids dresses. The rose gold and champagne colors were perfect.

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Growing a family and businesses together. We believe we can have it all.

Wedding Day advice for a Bride & Groom?

Enjoy the moment. Don’t be so concerned about each details that you miss out on this special day in time. Everything will be perfect as long as you are following God and marrying your best friend.

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