Mr. & Mrs. Brice Bates (Lauren)



Meet the Bates

Lauren Brumfield, BRIDE

Occupation: Project Specialist


Brice Bates, GROOM

Occupation: Therapist

The Proposal

Wedding Bells

Wedding Venue:

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, Baton Rouge (ceremony)

Boudreaux’s, Baton Rouge (reception)

Wedding Colors:

Navy Blue, Orange and Gray

 Wedding Planners:

Cheryl Brumfield, Shirly Spruel, Peggy Lotten

Make-Up Artists:

Ashleigh Howard and Stephanie Jenkins

Wedding Invitations:



Dwayne Grant Photography


Terrell Jackson Sr. Quartet Band and DJ Kicks




Ambrosia Bakery (Baton Rouge, LA)


Ande’s Bridal and Floral Services

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Where did you two spend your honeymoon?

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Please walk us through the day of your wedding.

The day was everything I could have imagined from beginning to end. It started early due to the time of the wedding. Our wedding started at 1:30pm which meant hair and makeup had to start roughly at 6:00am! I was a little nervous about the weather because it had rained and turned a little cold the night before.  There were a few last minute details that I needed to get done, the Thank You notes for the musicians and clergy needed to be written, steaming the dresses, making sure the florist was informed of a few last minute requests and of course a last minute run to the store to find flat shoes for the bride! As the morning went on, time seemed to go at a steady pace at first. I anticipated that at least two hours before the wedding that time would speed up to where it would leave me feeling as though we were running out of time. A lot had to happen in those two hours prior to the wedding, pictures, getting dressed, transportation of the groomsmen and bridesmaids to the church, etc. During the past couple years, my family had a few deaths in the family, all of which were very important people in my life. I began to reflect on my loved ones and the fact that they would physically not be at the wedding but they would be there in spirit. This brought tears to my eyes which may have not been the best thing at the time because my makeup had already been done! I called the Best Man to come and get Brice’s note and wedding day gift from me to give to him. I wanted him to have something special to wear on our wedding day. The watch I gave him was set at 1:30, the time of our wedding. As time passed it was finally time to go to the church. My excitement was too much to handle as it seemed as though it took forever to get to the church.  My Mom and I got in our car, an antique Rolls Royce (one of my favorites) and the bridesmaids were chauffeured in a party bus to the church. The weather was beautiful! It was beautiful Fall day in October, perfect for our wedding day. Because time had caught up with us, we were now pressed to get to the church as quickly as possible. Upon arriving at the church, I had to be careful that Brice did not see me waiting outside in the car. We both had no idea what each other would be wearing on our wedding day. I kept my dress a big secret and he of course kept his attire a secret as well. My excitement grew as my Dad and I waited outside of the church doors waiting to walk in and finally see the man who I would call my husband for the rest of our lives. Finally, the doors of the church were opened. My heart was filled with so much love as I initially saw our family and friends all standing, waiting for me to walk down the aisle. It almost immediately brought tears to my eyes as I again began to think of the loved ones I recently lost who were there in spirit. As I turned the corner, there he was! My soon to be husband waiting at the altar. I was so overjoyed and full of love as we made eye contact the tears came rolling in! He was so handsome! I felt like the luckiest woman in the world to be marrying the man of my dreams and I still do till this day. Our day had finally come and I was elated at the very thought that we would be spending the rest of our lives together. Our ceremony was officiated by Fr. Cleo Milano and the Pastor of Brice’s church, Rev. Isaiah Marshall. After we sealed the deal with the Jumping of the Broom, we headed to our reception held at Boudreaux’s for a party that we would never forget!”


Favorite Wedding Day detail?    

Everything! Our day was filled with so much love and joy from our friends and family it’s hard to say. We enjoyed every detail right down to the array of orange flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets, to the photo booth pictures,  to Brice’s fraternity serenade and traditional step, to Brice’s Dad who is a former member of the famous Earth Wind and Fire singing a special song for everyone, to the Bernard’s Pralines from New Orleans we served as wedding favors to our guests each attached with a note “A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning, Thank You Lauren & Brice 10-28-17”, to the Louisiana tradition second line exit from our reception where we danced to a live band out of the reception into our ‘67 convertible to ride off into the sunset.  I could go on and on but to sum it up, we enjoyed and remembered every detail of our wedding. We had a blast!

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

We look forward to starting a family as well as being able to grow in love with each even more.

Wedding Day advice for a Bride & Groom?  

My advice for a Bride and Groom would be to always keep God first in their lives and marriage; Never lose that “spark” with each other. Communication is key, it is important in everyday life with your husband or wife. Never lose that loving connection with each other, learning to step out of your comfort zone is not a bad idea, learn to embrace the needs and wants of your spouse. Remember that being spontaneous is important and fun! Love each other and grow closer to each other and God and you can never go wrong. Good luck!


Social Media:

Instagram: @_the_bates_