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Q: Can I submit my material(s) (music/press kits/articles) or story ideas to GARVEY MAGAZINE for a feature?

A: Yes! GARVEY MAGAZINE is proud to feature some of the industry’s top artists, literary influences, and inspiring entrepreneurs. We accept content from aspiring and established artists, as well as writers and bloggers. Submission of content does not guarantee a feature/post. Check out the information listed below to help get your content featured.



We are always looking for new and interesting articles that we can feature and add to the GARVEY MEDIA GROUP archive. For open submissions, please view our careers page.


In order to feature your work you must first authenticate and list the source(s) of information presented in your article. For best results, please proofread your work prior to submitting articles to our Editorial Department. All submissions should be no more than 500 words (150-300 word for blogs).


Have a story/article idea that you would like to share with GARVEY MAGAZINE? Please submit your article idea (with the information listed below) by clicking here.


For article submissions please include:

-Contact name, email, and phone number (if necessary)

-Website, Social media links/screen names for Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram

-A title/subject for your submission

-Sources for information listed


Are you a rapper/singer/producer and would like for us to feature your new music on our platform? You are in luck! GARVEY MAGAZINE is looking for the next HOT new artist/song to feature. For best results, please consult with your musical engineer/producer to clarify your track’s sound levels and quality prior to submission.

For music submissions please include:

-A title/subject for your submission

-Contact name, email, and phone number (if necessary)

-Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

-Description of the content submitted

-Website, Social media page links/screen names for Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram

-a Youtube/Vevo link for music visuals

-music files must be submitted in the following digital formats: .wav, .ogg, .mp3, or .m4a

*Please submit radio edited version/explicit version of music tracks, if applicable*


Q: I have a business/music project/community event and I would love to advertise it with GARVEY MAGAZINE. What is the next step?

A: That’s great! Let us be the first to congratulate you on your new endeavor. We offer several advertisement packages that should fit your budget. With social media + print/digital advertisement packages starting as low as $25, we are sure you will find a package worth investing in. Please contact our Advertisement Department for more information.


*A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your advertisement space. Final payment for advertisement space is due by invoice notice.*
**All ads must be professionally displayed and arranged. GARVEY MAGAZINE is a community publication. Our audience ranges from 6-85 y/o. Please refrain from using explicit content, nudity, or sexual content in advertisement**

Local Distribution Markets:

•Atlanta, GA •Austin, TX •Baltimore, MD •Baton Rouge, LA •Chicago, IL •Cleveland, OH •Dallas, TX •Detroit, MI •Houston, TX •Jackson, MS •Jacksonville, FL •Memphis, TN •Miami, FL •Los Angeles, CA •New Orleans, LA •New York City, NY •Oakland, CA •Raleigh, NC •Shreveport, LA •St. Louis, MO •Tallahassee, FL •Washington D.C.

Don’t see your city featured on the distribution markets list? Don’t worry! GARVEY MAGAZINE is always seeking new market areas for distribution.

(NOTE: For best advertisement results we advise that you have a stationed business in the featured distribution markets or can ship a sales product nationwide/worldwide. GARVEY MEDIA GROUP + GARVEY MAGAZINE are not responsible for customer service complaints or product exchanges/refunds for businesses advertised within publication.)


Q: My organization is seeking sponsorship…how can we get GARVEY MAGAZINE to sponsor us?

A: We love giving back and paying it forward. We try to sponsor as many events as possible throughout the calendar year. Please note that we cannot guarantee assistance for all requests submitted. We ask that you submit your sponsorship request 60-90 days prior to your event. We have open slots for sponsorship between September-December 2020 and are open for Spring + Summer 2021 events. Contact us today!


Q: I see GARVEY MAGAZINE is hosting an event. I would love to partner up. How can I do so?

A: One band, one sound! We can dig it! Thanks for your interest in wanting to partner/team up on a GARVEY event. Please check back for more information on how to partner with upcoming events.


Q: How can I donate/support GARVEY MAGAZINE?

A: Thanks! We know that there are thousands of independent businesses that you could have chosen to donate to. We appreciate the blessings. You can support GARVEY MAGAZINE several ways:
1.) REPOST! If you see something on our social media pages or website that you like #REPOST it! Don’t forget to tag @garveymagazine @garvey.radio #garveymagazine #garveyradio.
2.) If you would like to financially make a contribution to GARVEY MAGAZINE you can submit via PayPal by clicking here.
[Please include the following when submitting donations: Name/Business name, social media/website, business location (city, state)]
3.) Throughout the year we will team up with community outreach programs for service projects. Information will be posted on our homepage and social media platforms of items needed and volunteers requested.

Media and article submissions: editor@garveymagazine.com
Business and advertisement inquiries: garveymediagroupllc@gmail.com